An Evolving Resource on GY6 50-150cc Scooters

Call me Bashan, that's my handle on all the forums. I got into scooters last fall when my wife decided we should have a couple and two showed up in crates from the internet. After hating them while struggling to assemble them, I grew to love them. We now both thoroughly enjoy our weekend rides and I've come to enjoy working on them.

Chinese scooters are enigmatic, no doubt about it. They seem to be relatively basic in design, yet reveal layer upon layer of functional nuance that can present the most experienced owner with fascinating diagnostic and repair challenges. Sometimes these can only be accomplished through assistance from other owners who are more than willing to offer their expertise.

This has led to a fascinating world of online scooter enthusiasts that haunt cyberspace on the various forums. I consider many of these characters my friends even though I would not recognize them in person; I hope they don't look like their avatars. These mavens possess an astounding body of knowledge that is scattered among countless individuals and sources. This website is a humble attempt to bring that vast information base together in