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Here's a short text only on getting your battery ready:

New Battery Instructions PDF

Here is a decent guide for going through the charging system, as usual with Chinese scoots it's generic, so just use cautiously:

Charging System Diagnostics PDF

The following is a picture of a six pin CDI (capacitor discharge ignition)module that will be referred to from various articles:

CDI Pinout

CDI-AC or DC? (Video)

This diagram shows the interconnection between the CDI, stator, and coil:

Wiring Stator

JRR found this evil wiring diagram of a typical Chinese scooter. If you stare at it too long an ancient Chinese warlord takes control of your mind. It already happened to JRR. I will try to simplify this diagram sometime in the future:

This diagram is a simplified version of the above but not as inclusive:

Wiring Simplified

Here is a more complex wiring diagram with a four pin rectifier:

Wiring Simplified from Power Scooters

Here is another wiring diagram, I like this one because it can be expanded with clarity and it is nicely colored:

Colored Wiring Diagram PDF

Here's a bloke who likes his caffeine explaining rectifiers/regulators, just take some dramamine and enjoy, there's some good info here:   Part I (video)       Part II (video)      Part III (video)

CDI-AC or DC? (video)